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I’ve never really enjoyed retail shopping. In fact, when I was pregnant last year, my sisters had advised that I invest in good pregnancy clothes. But I didn’t heed their advice because I thought, “What for? I’m never going to use them anymore after I give birth.” So instead, I borrowed their old pregnancy clothes and rummaged through my husband’s closet to borrow his oversized shirts. Those were good enough for me.

My mistake was that I failed to invest in nursing wear as well. It wasn’t until I had to return to work from my maternity leave did I finally realize the importance of having one. For the first week in the office, I would remove my top completely to gain access to my breasts and pump milk. This I did three times every day.

Then came a time we had to visit my Little Dumpling’s pediatrician and my mom decided to join us. She noticed that despite having my baby with us, I had breastmilk stored in bottles for feeding. Weirded out by this arrangement, she asked me why I don’t just feed the baby directly from my breast. Embarrassingly, it’s because I still had not found time to buy nursing clothes.

The following week during a quick lunch break at the office, I made my way to the nearest mall and set out to look for nursing clothes. Goodness me, I was reminded immediately why I despise shopping. At the end of the ordeal, my hair was messy and I was all sweaty from having to put clothes on and then off and then on again. I was disheveled and haggard. All because I was looking for something to wear so that I may breastfeed my baby in public and pump my breasts at work without needing to go completely topless.

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Nonetheless, I bought one or two pieces out of necessity; but I wasn’t happy because the designs were boring and the prices were pretty high. What’s worse was that after a few washes, the material got stretched out of proportion and I eventually had to stop wearing them out in public. My sisters reminded me of the online stores that they bought from during their time and I checked those. But just the same, the designs and style were plain, and price tags were a bit cringe worthy.

Being very active on Instagram as @oatsdiy, I decided to search for nursing clothes and came across Valianne’s Trends. They were hosting a special promo that time and my eyes grew big at their offer.  A number of dresses in less than Php 1000? Sign me up! Immediately, I checked out their website and I recalled being overwhelmed by the vast array of beautiful items they have posted. Sure enough, I placed an initial order for three items to check out the quality of their products and customer service. Needless to say, I was more than satisfied.

The moment I found out that the clothing material was stretchy and thick enough to cover my postpartum belly yet at the same time sufficiently thin to keep me cool during summer, plus the dresses were not only trendy but very affordable too… I knew that I’ve found my go-to online shop for nursing wear. This was further confirmed when I received compliments from women who were all surprised that I was wearing nursing clothes and had initially thought I was simply wearing normal dresses. That only means I can keep wearing these even after I’ve long stopped breastfeeding my child! Money well spent.

And how can I not love them?

Not only does my baby finally have easy access to my breasts for feeding in public without me needing to cause a scandal with exposed skin, I can also happily sashay down the streets and everywhere feeling like a hot momma who is proud of breastfeeding in style.

Oats nursing

That was also the beginning of my transformation from being a “t-shirt and jeans” type of person to a “girly-girl” type of woman. I began dressing up and enjoying it too! So much so that I kept telling fellow moms about Valianne’s Trends and encouraging them to buy as well. That’s how passionate I am about this particular brand.

Having bought 25 pieces of nursing items from Valianne’s Trends in only four months’ time, I can look back and say that was the start of my hoarding addiction. Will that stop me from ordering more stuff from them? Pffft, of course not!



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