Sizing Chart

The best way to determine the size is by measuring your bust, waist, and hips with a tape measure.

Most of our sizes, however, are FREE SIZE as the fabrics of the clothes are mostly stretchable.

Fabric types and its stretchability:

1. Cotton fabric - stretches up to 3 inches

2. Neoprene fabric - slightly stretchable and stretches up to one inch only

3. Ity fabric - strerches up to 2 inches

4. Cotton fabric - stretches up to 3 inches

5. Linen - made of fine textitle which is strong and absorbent but it is not stretchable

Normal sizing for Filipina built:

Medium - 32 - 34"

Large - 34 - 36"

XL - 36 - 38"

2XL - 38 - 42"

Please see each photo descriptions to check what size frames fit each clothing type. For nursing bras, refer to the size chart below.