How to Confidently Breastfeed in Public

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For some new moms, breastfeeding in public can be a scary experience. This guide will help you feel more confident and less anxious about breastfeeding in public. In public, whether you're at a restaurant, a coffee shop, or an airport, you have a right to breastfeed. But it's often difficult to do so. Learn how to discreetly breastfeed in public with these tips.

Breastfeeding may look natural to some moms, but it is a learning process. Both moms and babies need to learn proper latching, increase breastmilk supply, and get confidence in nursing. 

Breastfeeding has a lawful act. REPUBLIC ACT No. 10028 or "Expanded Breastfeeding Promotion Act of 2009" encourages Filipino people to provide a safe environment for breastfeeding mothers. It states that: "Breastmilk is the best food since it contains essential nutrients completely suitable for the infant's needs. It is also nature's first immunization, enabling the infant to fight potential serious infection. It contains growth factors that enhance the maturation of an infant's organ systems.

"Towards this end, the State shall promote and encourage breastfeeding and provide the specific measures that would present opportunities for mothers to continue expressing their milk and/or breastfeeding their infant or young child."

Furthermore, as the State and many other locals promote breastfeeding, Valianne's Trends promotes the baby's right to be fed in public. Breastfeeding in public also requires effort and practice, but it is beneficial for both babies and mothers: babies' inclination to be fed is acted out. At the same time, it makes breastfeeding more normalized.

How to Confidently Breastfeed in Public:

  1. Practice at home.

For a skill to look natural, mothers must practice it. Breastfeeding may be challenging, but you can breastfeed confidently through hard work, determination, and practice.

You can try practicing breastfeeding your baby in front of a mirror, so you'll see how you and your baby would look. Check how you should hold your child while accessing the breasts discreetly.

  1. Choose nursing-friendly clothing.

Choose clothes for nursing mothers. You can choose from our variety of breastfeeding nursing clothes. Nursing clothes in the Philippines don't have to be pricey, so that you can find affordable breastfeeding clothes from Valianne's Trends. We offer different styles from breastfeeding bras, plus-size breastfeeding dresses, and nursing tops. Our nursing cloth fabrics are both comfortable for the mom and baby.

  1. Choose easy-access nursing bras.

Beneath each nursing clothing should be an easy-access nursing bra. It will help avoid the baby's fuss as breasts are easily accessible. Moms can choose from a variety of nursing bras with different access: crossover access, strap down access, or middle button access.

  1. Pick a good spot.

When breastfeeding in public, you can choose to find a good spot. Sometimes, breastfeeding rooms are not accessible, so choose the best location for your feeding, such as a place with few people, a 

  1. Focus on your baby

There may be wandering eyes looking at you and your child but focus on your baby. The more you act confidently, the less likely people will judge as it will look subtle and ordinary. The more people breastfeed in public, the more it is normalized.

  1. Find a support group.

A habit or act makes it more natural if you see it done by a particular group. Find support groups that make breastfeeding both acceptable and empowering. Support groups like VT Momma Club, Breastfeeding Pinays, and other helpful groups can help you in your motherhood journey.

While some moms may feel overwhelmed and pressured by others, focus on yourself and do not compare. For others, it may seem natural, but note that everyone started from level 0, with little knowledge of breastfeeding. With the proper determination and support, you’ll get in the hang of breastfeeding!

Breastfeeding in public is easier when you wear the right clothes and when you have the right mindset. Instead of thinking about what others may think of you, see this as a worthy bonding experience with your little one. They won’t be little for too long, so get the most out of your breastfeeding journey.

How Does Breastfeeding in Public Look and Feel?

We ask some breastfeeding moms about their experience nursing in public. Why is it important to breastfeed in public and strike anywhere? What are the advantages of doing this?

As a new mom, breastfeeding in public is a challenging experience. At first, Momma Roylence used a nursing cover, nursing dress, and nursing bra. Later on, she had to ditch using nursing covers as it was uncomfortable for the baby and me. Sometimes, nursing covers make it fussy for her baby. So she had to use the nursing dress alone to cover the skin of her breasts. 

Later on, as she practiced breastfeeding in public through the support of her husband, it became a natural experience. She strikes anytime, anywhere. With her advocacy to normalize breastfeeding, she created more clothes to make moms feel confident as they flaunt and style while breastfeeding.

Mommy Karen, who has been breastfeeding for more than three years now, also advocates breastfeeding in public. Based on her experience, she found it awkward, uneasy, and uncomfortable at first, but it became fulfilling when she got used to it. For Mommy Karen, it is vital to strike anywhere as it was less hassle, and she could quickly fulfill her baby's urgent needs and satisfy his hunger to comfort shamelessly.

To Mommy Joyce, breastfeeding in public for the first time was also uncomfortable. She later realized that she didn't need to be shy as she was doing nature's duty to feed her baby. As a breastfeeding advocate, she strikes anywhere. She knew that when she did it, she spread awareness and the message that it is okay to breastfeed in public.

Likewise, Mommy Ramona felt proud of nursing in public as she didn't have to hide when the baby got hungry.

As we learn from the experiences of mothers, we can sense a feeling of connection and confidence. If first-time moms find it challenging in the beginning but later on succeed in their journey, anyone could do it too. We can learn from each others' experiences.

Our babies are only little for a while, so make the most out of giving comfort and giving the best for them. Breastfeeding is indeed hard work, determination, and selfless love. It is more than milk production. Moms and babies can learn breastfeeding through practice and experience. 


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