The Importance Of Choosing The Right Type Of Nursing Clothes And Why It Is Vital To Invest In Breastfeeding Wear

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If you are pregnant or a breastfeeding mom, you probably recognize that some old clothes you usually wear no longer suit the body changes you now experience. As a mother’s body expands from pregnancy to birth, you might think that it is costly to spend too much on clothing. 

Whoever said motherhood makes you forget style may not have found the right clothing store for them. Choosing the appropriate clothes for your motherhood journey doesn’t have to be complicated. You can still flaunt and style even during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Just as breastfeeding is economical, buying clothes can also be practical when choosing two-in-one maternity and nursing clothes that grow through motherhood changes.

Benefits of Breastfeeding

We now live in a world where advocates of breastfeeding are widespread. Some of the most commonly known benefits are as follows:

  1. Breastfeeding is the best source of nutrition for most babies.
  2. Breastfeeding can protect babies from serious illnesses.
  3. It boosts the baby’s immune system. 
  4. Breastfeeding can help moms recover quickly.
  5. It can prevent mothers from breast cancer, ovarian cancer, hypertension, and diabetes.

The benefits are for both mothers and babies. As we know its advantages, mothers become more mindful of how they will care for themselves while promoting long-term breastfeeding. As mothers take the essential foods to help in milk production, they can also be cautious in choosing the right clothes to help them feel confident in breastfeeding anytime, anywhere.

The transition to motherhood is quite more demanding than it appeared to me. Some moms may seem to be naturally born to be moms, but the transition to motherhood is tedious and overwhelming. Most moms lose their sense of independence and confidence. Most moms experience postpartum blues, anxiety, and even depression. 

When you add breastfeeding, it even heightens pressure and exhaustion on mothers. Breastfeeding needs hard work and perseverance. That is why moms need to practice mindfulness and self-care to make it more natural. 

As Valianne’s Trends is a brand made for moms by a mom, we know the struggles of early motherhood. We promote self-care by launching Momma Cares products for moms in their postpartum stage. More so, we continue to develop nursing clothes that can help boost the mom's self-esteem as they present themselves in the new world as a new mom.

Types of Maternity/Nursing Clothes to Invest

1. Nursing bras


Most Filipino moms would instead choose not to wear a bra as it is more comfortable in this type of weather our country has. However, getting the right nursing bra can help in the breastfeeding journey. 

You might be wondering which nursing bras to choose. Valianne's Trends offers sublime nursing bras, pullover nursing bras, and supportive maternity bras.

If you choose the right nursing bra, breastfeeding will be much easier. The blood flow from your breasts will be healthy and help increase milk production

2. Nursing tank tops or camisoles

Nursing tank tops are also a trendy but functional type of breastfeeding-must-haves. The best nursing tank tops are built-in straps with easy nursing access. Postpartum compression tank tops are considered some of these.

Valianne’s Trends has the best nursing bras. Tank tops are also considered nursing bras. We offer a variety of padded nursing tank tops, cotton nursing tank tops, plus size, and postpartum tanks. 

 3. Nursing tops

In Valianne’s Trends, we offer a variety of nursing tank tops from plus size breastfeeding tops, zipper nursing tops, side access nursing tops, flowy nursing tops, cute nursing tops, and anything that suits your fashion sense.

You don’t have to compromise style and comfort when choosing the suitable maternity nursing tops for you.

 4. Nursing dresses


Whether you are a casual type of mom or a fashionable mom who never goes out of trend, Valianne’s Trends offer cheap nursing dresses. All our nursing clothes can be worn from pregnancy to breastfeeding and beyond. These style staples from Modest nursing dresses, cute nursing dresses, or nursing dresses for work make breastfeeding much more accessible.

Pumping bras are good underwear beneath your nursing dresses if you are a working mom. Our pumping-friendly clothes also make work and pumping sessions light and easy.

 5. Postpartum shapewear

Another body changes a mother experiences after giving birth is unwanted belly bulges. We also add our shapewear line throughout the years of creating clothes for mothers. It is perfect for mommies looking for a way to flatten their postpartum tummies. It has a comfortable and breathable fabric that hugs your figure to get you back in your desired shape. 

Benefits of Nursing Clothes

Breastfeeding is practical! When a mom succeeds in breastfeeding, it is not just cheap but also healthy. If you are wondering if there is a need for nursing clothes, it is best to invest in a few staples, whether you are a stay-at-home or a working mom. 

It is also convenient for moms and babies as they practice breastfeeding in public with utter discreteness and privacy. It also promotes breastfeeding as a natural God-given gift to all women. When women breastfeed confidently without using nursing covers, they create an advocate to promote its naturalness. When more and more moms confidently breastfeed, people consider breastfeeding more proper rather than speculative.

Breastfeeding clothes are designed for convenient public and private breastfeeding and pumping at work. It is made so that skin won’t be easily seen. The nursing access can serve as the cover for the breast skin not show. The most significant advantage of wearing nursing clothes is the discretion it gives both the baby and mom.

If you stop breastfeeding and think this is an item of clothing you would only wear for a few months, you can even wear these clothes beyond motherhood. The type of clothing we design will last from pregnancy, breastfeeding, and beyond.

As we grow through the years, VALIANNE'S TRENDS continues its mission. It aims to provide for the needs of expecting and nursing Filipino women with its exclusive, trendy, affordable, and quality collection made of child-friendly fabrics, which will make pregnancy and nursing at ease and help moms "flaunt and style while breastfeeding" anywhere, especially in public. It also aims to promote breastfeeding as a natural God-given gift to all women, whether working and stay-at-home moms or pumping and latched mommies will benefit from our nursing essentials.

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