Nurture Couture: A Review

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I’ve been exclusively and directly breastfeeding for 32 months and counting, a part of my motherhood journey that I will truly cherish. Though I am one of those moms who did not have complications and problems with breastfeeding, I would still say that sustaining this long is not easy. It’s exhausting and draining.

I am a stay-at-home mom by choice, and I love it. It also means that I am with my daughter 24/7, she would latch whenever she wants, either to fill her tummy or to simply just comfort her. As a stay-at-home mom, I don’t get the luxury of time and chance to dress-up since I am always at home so it excites me whenever we go to the mall or meet up with friends. The thing is, I also bring my daughter anywhere I go and every time I would go out because we don’t have a helper, yaya, nor a relative to look after her.

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That’s when the problem comes in; I am a typical girl who always wants to look nice, dress nicely, feel good but being a breastfeeding mommy gives me limitations. I can only wear clothes that are breastfeeding friendly and that would be comfortable for when we breastfeed outside. I feed her anywhere, may it be walking in the mall, sitting in an open space, anywhere you can think of. All my clothes should really be breastfeeding friendly, otherwise, it would be really more challenging to feed outside. Sadly, the pretty dresses that I see in the mall won’t be good for the situation.

But thank heavens for nursing dresses! I came across Valianne’s Trends Nursing Wear online and I have been wanting to check it in one of the fairs. I was smitten by the styles and I was surprised that the dresses don’t come expensive – just right. With the quality and style, I would say you’re even paying less than what you’re getting. True enough, when I got the chance to wear the dresses, I knew both Monica and I will have a good day!

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The fabric is so soft and breathable, makes it comfortable for me and of course for Monica whenever she latches and/or sleeps in my arms. What’s also nice is that, it allows me to feed her without using a nursing cover. Though Monica is used to nurse with a cover, it’s still better if we don’t have one especially that summer is almost here.

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The style is simple yet timeless, one can wear it to any event. You wouldn’t even guess that it’s a nursing dress because of the design. Also, I am the type of mom who loves to go twinning with my little girl so this style having a baby version is a major plus point for me! So much win in this one!

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And not but not the least, inquiries and orders are handled well by the team, something all stores should have. Aside from the beautiful products, customer service is really what puts the store on top. There’s really no reason why we should let this pass. <3

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