Valianne's Trends - Jasmine Nursing Dress - Breastfeeding - Plus Women

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Valianne’s Trends is now creating more designs exclusive for plus-sized moms, Jasmine Nursing Dress is designed for moms from Large to 3XL size frames.

Tailored for Plus-Sized Moms: The Jasmine Nursing Dress is designed exclusively for plus-sized moms, offering a perfect fit for Large to 3XL size frames.

Effortless Nursing Access: Experience the convenience of our pull-aside nursing dress. Featuring crossover nursing access, this dress allows for easy breastfeeding access from the front or sides, providing you with the freedom to nurse your little one discreetly and comfortably, wherever you are. Your baby’s needs are met without compromising your style.

Thoughtful Features for Plus-Sized Moms: We understand the unique needs of plus-sized moms. That's why the Jasmine Nursing Dress boasts a stretchy waistband that not only ensures a comfortable fit but also offers gentle support. The dress features thick waistbands designed strategically to hide any concerns, allowing you to embrace your body confidently.

Chic Details and Puffed Sleeves: Elevate your style with the Jasmine Nursing Dress’s chic details. The dress features puffed sleeves, adding a touch of sophistication and femininity to your look. Each detail is carefully curated to enhance your natural beauty and make you feel radiant, whether you're attending a special event or enjoying a casual day out.

Practicality Meets Style with Side Pockets: We understand the importance of practicality in your everyday life. That’s why the Jasmine Nursing Dress comes with side pockets, providing you with a convenient space to carry your essentials. Whether it’s a pacifier, your phone, or a small snack, these pockets add functionality to your style.

Embrace Motherhood in Style: Valianne’s Trends believes that every mom deserves to embrace her motherhood journey with style, confidence, and comfort. The Jasmine Nursing Dress is not just a garment; it’s a statement. It's a celebration of your strength, beauty, and the incredible journey you are on as a plus-sized mom.

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