Valianne's Trends Hera Postpartum Shapewear

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Valianne's Trends Hera Postpartum Shapewear is perfect for Mommies looking for a way to flatten their postpartum tummies. It is convenent shorts that hugs your figure to hide the belging bully underneath your clothing.

Why Choose Valianne's Trends Highwaist Shaper Pants:
✅ Functions like a corset, efficiently compressing the stomach, waist, and hips
✅ Crafted from cool, breathable fabrics for maximum comfort
✅ Alleviates back pain discomfort
✅Contours a mother's body, creating a more streamlined appearance

Who Can Benefit from Valianne's Trends Highwaist Shaper Pants?

✅ All mothers who have given birth, regardless of delivery method (natural or cesarean)*
✅ Mothers in the postpartum phase (not advisable for use during pregnancy)
✅ Individuals seeking a flatter stomach and a trimmer waistline!

COLORS AVAILABLE: Black, Beige, Gray, Brown
MATERIAL: 82.9% nylon 17.1% spandex

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