Happy Noz Organic Onion Stickers - Nasal Relief

  • ₱350.00
Tax included.

Made from 100% organic herbs; relieves runny nose and sneezing.
• Helps keep the air fresh and comfortable to breathe in.
• With a fresh scent – absolutely no pungent onion smell, and causes no burning sensation in the eyes.
• Long lasting fragrance – up to 12 hours
• Safe for everyone, including small children – can be attached on clothes.
• Adhesive sheets attach strongly but can be easily removed without leaving stains on clothes.
• Suitable for ages 0+.

How to use :
Remove the sticker sheet and stick onto your clothes, fan or air conditioner (12 sure the sticker is attached without touching your skin).

• Onion – relieves running nose
• Eucalyptus – feel refreshed
• Peppermint – helps with allergies
• Lavender – get good night’s sleep

Includes 6 stickers per box

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