360 do Circular Toothbrush

  • ₱350.00
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360do Circular Toothbrush For a gentle and thorough cleaning

-Removes up to 98.4% of Plaque
-20X more bristle vs. Regular toothbrushes
-All-in-one brush for TEETH, GUMS, CHEEKS, and TONGUE
-Ultra-fine Bristles of 0.08mm for a smooth and polished cleaning you can feel.
-Gently brush tongue and gums for better cell metabolism and blood circulation
-Can be used with only water.
-Perfect for sensitive gums and teeth with braces – no snagging!

Won 2013 GOOD DESIGN AWARD in Japan

Baby 0-2 (White and Yellow)
Kids 2-12 (Green, Orange, Pink, Blue)

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